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angelina jolie, jennifer aniston who had more than her recent share of clunkers at the box office, somehow came in seventh. what do you have against jennifer aniston, bill? >> i don't have anything against her. >> poor woman, just trying to get past her marriage. >> i heard maybe she's back may. >> breaking news right here on "early today." bill karins with breaking entertainment news. >> i'll stick to weather. >> we'll have you stick to weather. >> easily. >>> this to us from ktrc local 2 in houston, texas. one man has fulfilled a dream that took a lifetime. personal sacrifice, and an aggressive bout with cancer, forced roy to put his dreams on hold, until now. he always dreamed to rising to the rank of sheriff's deputy, was honored with his own deputy badge. and as he rides a high of emotion and pride, his family hopes this will give him the strength to continue to fight for his life. we wish him luck. i'm lynn berry, this is "early tod today," just your first stop of the day on your nbc station. >>> all eyes on earl. the powerful hurricane is a category 4 storm moving towards the easter
lewis to lindsay lohan. >>> and what's jennifer aniston up to. who's she dating? n n n<
including or not including angelina jolie and brad pitt, jennifer aniston, with more of her fair share of recent clunkers at the box office, somehow came in seventh did you get that, bill? >> she came in seventh, because my wife makes me watch all of her movies. >> you are the one guy that is supporting that. >> she just make a lot of money off rentals. >>> one man has fulfilled a dream that took a lifetime. personal sacrifice and an aggressive bout with cancer forced roy to put his dreams on hold, until now. the correction officer who dreamed of rising to the ranks of sheriff's deputy was awarded his own badge. his family hopes this will give him the strength to continue to fight for his life. >>> i'm lynn berry. this is the first stop of the day on your nbc station. >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning, everyone. the weather is not going to change much from yesterday. it will be hot and dry. the temperatures, the upper 60's and low 70's. 69 in randallstown. mostly sunny and hot today with a high temperature in the mid 90's. things will c
everywhere, signing autographs and then making their getaway. >>> plus, jennifer aniston with her new boyfriend? >>> and sandra's ex jesse james already in love. >>> michael douglas' stage 4, the latest news. is his prognosis good? >> positive attitude plays such a huge role in recovery. >>> then, tom selleck's new show, "blue bloods." >>> in tonight's "e.t." slideshow, jennifer hudson continuing to shed the pounds. >>> plus, who are the famous moms to be behind these big baby bumps. >>> then, the situation, new video of "dancing with the stars'" bad boy. >>> plus, our mrs. brady dancing countdown. florence henderson, the lost
downy jr. came in fourth. finishing out the top five cate blanchett. most surprisingly jennifer aniston has had more than her fair share of clunkers at the box office somehow came in seventh. this comes from texas, one man fulfilled a dream, personal sacrifice and aggressive bout of cancer forced roy to put his dreams on hold until now. the correction officer who dreamed of rising to the ranks of sheriff's deputy was awarded his own badge. his family hopes this will give him the strength to continue to fight for his life. >>> i'm lynn berry. this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >>> you may not know it, dance competitions are not just for celebrities and wannabe celebrities. in argentina, 400 couples from 23 nations showed off their best moves. the rules were strict. dancers cannot separate during the performance, must move constantly in counterclockwise motion he and never know the music in advance. >>> well, a remarkable discovery in peru. the burial site of a man, woman, and 13-year-old boy over 1,600 years old have been uncovered. research
recent story line on n the jennifer aniston/jason bateman movie. but she has more film critics than she thought. >> we had pictures. >> i thought i would bring you my own film festival. >> you were e.t.? >> yes. yes. going home. and very chicly. >> let's see what else we have here. this is -- [ laughter ] i think that's the klumps. the only character eddie murphy didn't play. >> she was certainly a good sport about all that teasing. >> i enjoyed her work in "the klumps." >>> coming up next, the stories we'll be following today, including a major tv event. stay with us. when i was seventeen i was not good to my skin. long summer days, and not enough sleep. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] new neutrogena® clinical skincare. exclusive ion2 complex combined with activating cream helps restore collagen depleted skin. neutrogena clinical skincare is clinically tested to undo the look of a year's worth of skin aging in just 4 weeks. do-overs do exist. [ female announcer ] new clinical skincare. neutrogena. #1 dermatologist recommended brand. [ female announcer ] new clin
with photographers everywhere, signing autographs and then making their getaway. >>> plus, jennifer aniston with her new boyfriend? >>> and sandra's ex jesse james already in love. >>> michael douglas' stage 4, the latest news. is his prognosis good? >> positive attitude plays such a huge role in
reunited with former flame, jennifer aniston. the spokeswoman for mayer who had more than 3.7 million followers on twitter said he pulled the plug because his tour finished and he's headed back to the studio. >>> next week, more than a year after his infamously uncomfortable appearance on the late show with david letterman, joaquin phoenix makes a return visit. that should be interesting. >>> woody allen denying reports that it took france's first lady 32 shoots and takes at the shoot for one scene of his new romantic comedy, "midnight in paris." allen shut down reports that she was a diva and he had to hire another actress to reshoot her scenes. >>> finally, she always seems to outdo herself. oprah winfrey kicked off her 25th and final season monday announcing she would take her 300 audience members on an eight-day, seven-night trip to australia in december. bill, you can decide what our "first look" viewers will be receiving for tuning in this morning. >> the gumball machine, whatever the little prizes are. >> lollipops. >> oprah, at one time gave her whole audience cars. >> she upp
. >>> jennifer aniston >>> jennifer aniston and jason bateman movie. for those who have seen it, there's a seen in which jason bateman picks up a magazine. you were on the cover of that magazine. and he masturbates to your image. did you have to give them permission for that? >> that word came in and a laugh is a laugh. at the end of the day -- and, of course, i am able -- a girl's got to make a living. >> you are allowed to pick your jaw back up off the floor. >> oh, yes. >> she handled it well. >> she really did. >> we were all dying laughing when we saw diane sawyer was on "kimmel" last night. >> big cancer special coming up this weekend across multinetworks. she was kind of promoting that. one of the funnier moments. looked great. i reviewed that movie a few weeks ago. i was going to mention that but i was way too new to mention that. >> best to let her mention that. >> yeah. >>> he has a nickname of the singing fetus. we're talking about justin bieber. he's got a pretty good arm. i didn't come up with that nickname. that's what people call him. apparently he's backstage at a maryland conce
on jennifer aniston i have to bring up this next story. i have to keep tabs on who she's dating and all of this. apparently this is the latest guy, she was spotted this week, this guy, his name is harry morton. he's the hard rock cafe heir and founder of the pink taco restaurant. that chain. get this. she is 41, he is 29. the interesting part i find though is that he's also been linked to lindsay lohan, to paris hilton. and i'm not trying to say anything bad about those lovely young women but jennifer seems to be a different kind of caliber here. so i'm interested that she'd be interested in someone who's dated those two before. they were spotted out. >> hard rock cafe heir, right? >> yeah. >> i think we have the answer. >> she's not starving, let's be honest here. she likes going with the younger guys, doing the cougar thing. messing with john mayer for a while, now this guy. do what you got to do, john, i don't appreciate being cheated on, that's all i'm saying. >> you like shakira. she's a dancer and stuff. very big internationally. we have an interesting thing to report, that her so
right, carlson, is it all over for hen? we don't need men anymore. you hear jennifer aniston. >> oh, well, i hope it's not over for men. come on, i love men. listen, "newsweek" has to get people to buy their magazine right now. they are doing the most provocative headlines that they can find. all right? but the summary of this article is actually kind of interesting. one of the points that they make is that women have evolved in the last couple of decades and the role of women in society has changed but for the most part the role of the man has not. i think that's profound. >> bill: role of a man though, let's be honest here, carlson, is to watch football, drink a few beers, go to work, make some money, and stay out of the way at home. that's the role of the man. i mean, cave men. >> i like the first couple things for myself. by the way, here is their summary. they say that if men actually embraced parental leads, took advantage of paternity. if they. >> bill: if we were all swedish we would be great. >> i know. they point to sweden. it would help women in society because women woul
the paparazzi? i was in a restaurant. jennifer aniston was eating dinner. came outside. a place in beverly hills and about 20 guys with the caps hiding behind trees. i thought, get a life. i mean, how do you guys -- it is a fact of life for you now. how do you deal with it? >> i mean, different actors are different kinds of famous. jennifer aniston is obviously very famous. >> you are getting there. you are getting there. >> thanks. but, you know, everybody who's famous has to deal with that. they have to deal with it in their own way. and they all have different ways of coping with it and this was my way of trying to instead of just coping, i wanted to really reach out and try and, you know, bridge the gap. >> find any buddies in there? >> understand them any better? >> absolutely. what's -- what's unknown can be scary. you know? and the paparazzi are no different. they're often lurking. their face is hidden and now i know a lot of them by name and they smile at me now. when i see them. >> get the hell out of my bushes! you can say that now. you can say by name. >> exactly. >> they're very comp
enough. if you're in the spotlight, it's difficult. >> that's why i feel bad for jennifer aniston, the woman can't go out on a date. >> men said the spotlight of dating jen is crazy and when you're dating behind closed doors, you can go quite slowly. the moment you're on the cover of "us weekly," you're a couple. >> everyone seems to be dating the same people. remember, it was derek jet jeter -- not derek jeter. >> bradley cooper. >> the world is closed. they really only meet people through work. that's why so many couples hook up on sets. they're not going out that much, do go to clubs, they're really not mingling. >> i think it's a trust factor, too. people that well-known are wondering why you want to be with them. you have a paranoia about you. if you're out with bradley cooper, he's worried about the same things, you can come miss rate about. >> it's like a catch-22. what happens is they date their own. if you're bradley cooper, you wonder why people are dating you and you date another celebrity. >> wondering why they're dating her. >> then they get married. >> and then they
't rhyme with girl. it ver did. it never will. if jennifer aniston is back with john mayer, somebody needs to sit her down and say, no. >> no, no, no. >> no, no, no. >> what was the question? >> is oay or not okay to date a co-worker? and i said -- >> fine as long as it is not against compy policy. hey, frank was my colleague and we all know how that worked out. >> yes, we do. hoda said if the chemistr is right and you're not doing anything wrong by the company rules, fine. as for dating your boss, try to find a better way to get a raise or more vaca. >> why did you read mine like that? i don't read yours like that. >> trying to be cool, hoda. >> i don't read yours like that. let's go to sara. >> i lov the song. >> okay. i'm not alone. >> i think it should be this minute should be tagged with, like, a crew dance party, though, so we have a visual. >> has anybody heard of rosemary clooney? >> we're talking prince charming on the wall, katy perry, her outfit does not really reveal any more than wonderwoman. i don't think it is bad to be on "se stre "sesame street." kids see worse on the str
to discuss? >> jennifer aniston and john mayer, getting back together? >> they got back togetherhis weekend. she went backstage, she went to a show in atlanta, she went backstage, they took a party over to her hotel, got a suite, hung out. this guy has kind of kissed and told on her three times. >> why would you -- why do you think you deserve that kind of perso >> she likes him. >> yeah, but when someone mistreats you or -- >> i don't understand it at all why she keeps going back for more. he's nine ars younger, he's imature. he talked about her in "rolling stone". i think it says something about her. >> maria lo lopez and his girlfriend had a girl. >> six pounds something. >> are they getting married? what is the story? >> no word about marriage. >> they are talking about a second baby. he says he wants three. >> speaking of relationships, liam -- >> he had cameras there. how strange. >> he's going to write a book. >> she was so tough and so strong during the whole thing, and i peeked over to to much an you don't want to do that. it was like a "csi" episode. >> men are wimps. >> he wants
, in today's modern life, when everybody sort of -- jennifer aniston is saying i don't need a man for a baby, there is a lot of that going on. i don't need a stupid name. >> it is an interesting concept. in egypt, with a lot of old-fashioned values, the women always keep their own name, it is their father's name, they say it is a sign of disrespect to say -- >> that would have never happened in egypt, right? >> the woman always -- when my parents came to the country, my mom had a different name from my dad, you're married, yeah, well, your names are different, yeah, but we're married. it is just a different culture. they think of it in a different way. interesting. >> and if you read hoda's book, which comes out very soon, you'll learn that and so much more about her. i personally was very surprised about the many, many things i learned about hoda. but you'll have to wait. though you can order it now. working the order. they can order it on amazon and barnes & noble. >> aren't you the nicest thing going? >> i'll sell this book for you, baby. >> there is plenty about kathie lee in it too. >>
coming up, the stars of style from the always edgy rihanna to the always classic jennifer aniston. we're going to talk about the best and worst dressed list. and our own beautiful ann curry, hot at every age. to be chic at every age. you take the prize, we know that. >> i had no idea. >> and i don't think they should have put you in the hottie category. they should have put you in the 30s category. ann's got the headlines. >>> let's tell you all about news now because today is the first full day of freedom in more than a year for american hiker sarah shourd. late on tuesday she arrived in oman after spending 13 months in an iranian prison and greeted by her mother. two other american hikers, shane bauer and josh fattal are still in iran. their mothers had this message for iran. >> please, please release josh and shane. now we can just say josh and shane, sarah is home, but president ahmadinejad is coming to the united states for the u.n. general assembly. we welcomed him to the united states. again, as we asked last year, but this year with even more you are general urgency, we say pl
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)